<!– Rakuten Automate starts here –>

    var _auto = { accountKey: “af731de957c16e5fcc11522a29fda64cdef7dd553f08cc3ed925108240f273ad”, u1: “”, apiURL: “https://www.popshops.com&#8221;, snippetURL: “https://automate-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/minified_logic.js&#8221;, automateURL: “https://automate.linksynergy.com&#8221;, widgetKey: “9w6cuq8pp334upykqtj8nyvi2huw95oc”, aelJS: null, useDefaultAEL: false, loaded: false, events: [] };var ael=window.addEventListener;window.addEventListener=function(a,b,c,d){“click”!==a&&_auto.useDefaultAEL?ael(a,b,c):_auto.events.push({type:a,handler:b,capture:c,rakuten:d})};_auto.links={};var httpRequest=new XMLHttpRequest;httpRequest.open(“GET”,_auto.snippetURL,!0);httpRequest.timeout=5E3;httpRequest.ontimeout=function(){if(!_auto.loaded){for(i=0;i

<!– Rakuten Automate ends here –>


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