3 Party Hosting Tips

Throwing a party should ideally be as fun for the host or hostess as for the guests. Whoever is hosting should keep things organized and plan ahead to free up as much time as possible for themselves during the event.

1. Prepare Food Early

Even people who love to cook can become stressed out during the food preparation phase of party planning. Estimate the time needed to prepare all the dishes, then add an hour to account for the unexpected. To save time, consider picking up prepared foods from a local deli or a Pittsburgh commissary. Try to make sure that as much food is ready to serve before the party starts as possible.

2. Select Activities

Look over the guest list and think about what type of activities the people coming over would like to do. There are many party games available to suit almost everyone. A group that enjoys playing card games together might enjoy a new spin on an old classic. Parties involving children or adults who are young at heart might like games that take them out of their chairs or even out into the yard.

3. Decorate

Decorations can be as simple or elaborate as desired, and they do not need to be very expensive to be festive. A few rolls of streamers from a local dollar store and a bunch of balloons can get guests into a party mood without taking hours to set up. More elaborate wall and window hangings or free-standing items can set a very effective scene as well.

Above everything, make sure that the party planning process does not get too stressful. After all, it is supposed to be a celebration. The attendees should be coming by with the intent to have a good time and enjoy each other’s company, not to criticize the atmosphere, food or activities.