3 Simple Tips to Beautify Your Landscaping

Have you always wanted to elevate the style of your outdoor spaces, but always feel confused about how to do it? A few key landscape design techniques can transform even the most basic yard. Here are three easy things you can do right away to make your yard look unique.

1. Enhance Your Grass

You already know that a healthy, vibrant lawn forms the bedrock of a great landscape design scheme. Unfortunately, grass can be a fickle plant that requires a lot of work, especially a lot of watering. A great way to ease the burden of lawn maintenance is to consult an expert irrigation contractor Pittsburgh PA to help you install a complete watering system. Your grass is sure to look its best throughout all seasons, without any extra work.

2. Add a Sculptural Feature

Use ornamental sculpture to add your own sense of personal style to your outdoor spaces. Don’t be afraid to get whimsical and creative – it is your yard, after all. You could add one big statement piece that becomes the focal point of your garden or opt for smaller pieces and play around with composition and form. It’s also a good idea to target this area with a bright spotlight to allow the art to become a major focal point at night.

3. Plant Floral Borders

Dense, colorful borders around your property can set your yard apart from the rest of the neighborhood. Planting a combination of annuals and shrubbery is a cost-effective and visually stunning way to dress up the edges of your property. The combination of the plantings creates a feeling off mass, giving your borders that extra visual punch.

Don’t hesitate to incorporate these special techniques into the overall design for your yard, and feel free to get creative. Follow these tips and watch the style of your yard reach full bloom!