Cat Proof Fence For Outdoor Cat Containment

Cat Proof Fence For Outdoor Cat Containment

Many homeowners are distraught with their cat escaping the property and roaming outside. A simple wooden fence will not always keep your pet contained, you will need to cat proof your fence for true cat containment.

If you live in a residential area is not prone to cat predators such as coyotes and owls your cat proof fence can be made of simple netting material that can go on an existing fence or be put up even without a fence. The net bends in, which is why cats will not climb it, thereby serving as a type of cat enclosure.

Existing fences made of wooden planks or chain links should be repaired prior to beginning your cat enclosure DIY. Place guards around any trees that run alongside the fence to ensure there are no escape holes for your cats. Make sure there are no sharp edges or nails protruding to keep your cat safe.

To attach a simple garden net to your fence you will need a few garden poles, some fishing line and twist ties as well as a staple gun. All materials are very inexpensive and readily available at your local hardware store. Some cats learn to rip or push through the fence. A double layer of netting takes care of this problem.

Your cat may need to adjust to their new cat fence and may even be angry at first. This will usually pass as they become accustomed to their new outdoor enclosure. Spending time with your pets in the garden can help them feel more at home and less caged.

If you are worried whether your new cat containment area is escape proof, watch your pet closely for the first few days. They are sure to try to find escape routes. If they do you will have the opportunity to close them off until none are left.

Building a cat proof fence is an easy cat containment solution for private home owners that would like to keep their pets contained and avoid the dangers of the neighbourhood. Alternately you may choose to build an out door cat run or outdoor enclosure to better suit you needs.