Clothes to Wear to Hide Your Pot Belly

You could be dealing with a bulge or a potbelly for many reasons. Pregnancy, food allergies, and health issues could cause your belly to bulge and stick out a little bit. You may have started your slimming routine already but still desire to do something more. These are examples of some clothing items you can wear to hide your situation until it improves:

Sweatpants and Bulk Items

One item you can use to cover up your potbelly is a sweatpants outfit. It will be great for keeping you warm in the wintertime, and it’ll also keep your cute little potbelly hidden.


Maxidresses are another great idea. Maxidresses are super-long dresses that go all the way down to your shoes. They sometimes leave a generous amount of room for belly growth. You might want to visit a department store and try on a few maxidresses to see how they work with your stomach. Those dresses aren’t just for large women. In fact, some petite dresses are also considered maxidresses. The price ranges vary according to the manufacturer and the site where you purchase your dress. It’s entirely possible that you may find an affordable and well-fitting dress for yourself.

Strategically-Designed Shirts

Another idea is to search for strategically-designed shirts. Those are shirts that bulk out in the stomach area and tighten in the chest area to accent only the body parts you want to protrude. It may take you a while to find the right type of shirt for what you’re trying to achieve.

Consider taking some minutes out of your day to shop for clothing that caters to your potbelly. You can go to a physical location or visit a popular online site to find what you need. Be patient and only purchase items that you will feel 100 percent confident wearing anywhere.