Creating a Room With Fabric for All Seasons

Creating a Room With Fabric for All Seasons

Wouldn’t it be nice to change your room as each season comes and goes? For many people who live in areas of the country where four seasons are prevalent, transitioning from season-to-season is typical. They have furnishings, accessories, and even wardrobes they switch between every few months. Yet, for those people who live in climates were there is very little fluctuation in temperature, they must find a way to bring the seasons into their home when the outside landscaping does not change.

One of the most effective ways to keep your d?�cor appropriate for the seasons – regardless of where you live – is by changing the color and look of your furniture. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to run out and buy all new furniture… because, that wouldn’t be feasible. Instead, use fabric!

Seasonal decorating can be summed up in one word: FEELING. So as you set out to redo your d?�cor, ask yourself what feeling you want your room to have. Here are some suggestions.

Summer. Bring the warmth of the sun and the coolness of water into your home. For that cozy country look, select blue or yellow. If a beach feeling is what you’re after, select white, gray, or light/medium blue. To keep it clean and simple, use white, black or gray. For the 4th of July holiday, use red/white/blue pillows.

Fall. Probably the most colorful season with its deep oranges and reds as well as dark green and browns, your furnishings can make this same transformation. Use your floral arrangements as the starting point for selecting a color. If you’re looking to have a natural look, stick with greens and browns. For a more colorful look, move to oranges, reds, or golds. You can even select brown, and then accessorize with pillows in each fall color.

Winter. The days are shorter, the weather is cooler, and the coziness of a fire is mandatory. You have several directions you can go when it comes to your color changes.

Holidays. Why not use fabric in the applicable holiday color (e.g., red or green for Christmas or blue for Hanukkah) to give your holiday d?�cor a uniform look and feel? If you’re the type who’s experimented with some “modern” holiday colors, move towards some more contemporary colors such as purple, green, or bright blue.

Cold weather. The post-holiday season can be somewhat dreary. Try using colored fabric in white and/or blue for January (because it reminds us of snow on a clear day), and red for February (to keep Valentine’s Day alive all month).

Spring. Here’s your chance to bring bright and sunny colors into your home, enlivening the spirits of everyone who dwells within or pays a visit. Think outside the box by choosing fabrics in bright reds, greens, and yellows. Alternatively, you can stick with a neutral background – such as beige or tan – and then add splashes of color with pillows. Why not think green for St. Patrick’s day or pastel colors for Easter?

Your seasonal decorating should encompass all areas of your house – from your dining room chair to the sofa/loveseat in the living room or to even the wonderful chair tucked into a special corner of your office. Carrying your holiday color theme from room to room gives your entire house that “pulled together” look during any season.