French Style Display Cabinets – The Best Way to Showcase Your Home

French Style Display Cabinets – The Best Way to Showcase Your Home

Now and again we all look for ways to improve our home’s decor; this might be by purchasing a new sofa or even a mirror. Both of these are somewhat an obvious choice! A great interior design secret comes in the form of an elegant display cabinet, which believe it or not can change the whole approach of a room itself. This article hopes to shed some light on how to make the right selection on the perfect French style display cabinet for your home.

Looking back at the history of the humble cabinet, it was not always designed for showcasing our most prized possessions. In fact the cabinet was originally used as a place to store papers and other smaller, low value items. However they were still made with the same highly skilled craftsmanship and exceptional quality materials we have come to expect from today. As time progressed cabinets became larger and more extravagant, often seeing them become the centrepiece of the room they were situated in. This is still the case today!

Display cabinets nowadays take much influence from French history and are usually the best option if you are looking to lift your interior to new dimensions! The typical French showcase often comes in an antique white or cream, perfect for complementing other classically styled French furniture. Slight distressing is common place on these specific types of display cabinets, so don’t be alarmed if you see marks and dashes, they only add to the overall antique feel of the piece! Extravagant carvings and etched detailing are normally paramount on pieces such as these, with the top usually having an attractive finial on display. Equally the feet are often beautifully shaped and add to the elegance of the entire piece. Made from mahogany, these items are always a winner!

If a natural oak is more your thing, display cabinets are also made in this material. Often consisting of multiple drawers and small skilfully shaped feet, these cabinets will wonderfully serve their purpose as a showcase, but with a more toned down approach and less decorative impact. Heavy distressing is a popular finish on many display cabinets too, with large marks being purposefully sketched on to achieve an aged look. Colours such as Aqua are used to convey that French country-esque feel and look amazing when paired with similar lounge or dining furniture.

For more luxurious tastes, take a glance at designer display cabinets; these really will leave your home flabbergasted! Much of the time these pieces retain a French style with an extra touch of opulence. Consisting of exquisite carving and precision detailing such as slender shaped legs and layers of veneers, these particular displays are the showstoppers of the bunch! Surprise your home with a French display cabinet and showcase your most interesting possessions in style.