Helpful Tips For Organizing a Small Space

A one-bedroom apartment or other small living space is a great way to save money so you can one day move into your dream home. Living in such a small area can be frustrating unless you take time to get organized. Here are helpful tips for organizing a small living space.

Make Things Mobile

If everything’s mobile you can rearrange your furniture easily to either entertain or convert your small space into an office. Add phenolic caster wheels to a trunk and use it both for storage and as a coffee table. When the need arises, you can move it against a wall to make space.


Clutter is bad enough in a large home. In a smaller living space, it spells disaster. Constantly stepping over your stuff is depressing and hinders creative ability. Lift your mood by clearing out the junk. Move everything into one big pile, and then get tough and either donate or throw away items you don’t need. Organize the rest in storage bins so that your counters are clear. Enjoy the peace of a clean home.

Make All Furniture Multipurpose

Find end tables with deep drawers that can also be used as filing cabinets. Put storage bins under your bed. Sleep on a day bed that doubles as a sofa during the daytime. Install a kitchen island with plenty of storage space.

Clean as You Go

Once you’ve spent time organizing your small space, make cleaning a habit you do every time you walk about your place. If you’re heading for the kitchen, pick up items that belong there and put them away. If you need to go to the bedroom, return items that should be there at the same time. Cleaning as you go makes it easier to keep your small living space tidy.

Add Shelves

Adding shelves to your walls is a great way to keep things organized and make your living space more attractive. Hobby stores have beautiful storage boxes you can use to store items of irregular size. In addition to books, add plants and baskets to your shelves for variety and beauty. Take the time to dust things regularly so they remain clean and appealing.

You don’t have to feel crowded in a small living space. By keeping things organized, you’ll have a welcoming, comfortable nest that will inspire you and help you become the most productive you can be.