How To Have Graceful Appeal With Oak Dining Furniture

How To Have Graceful Appeal With Oak Dining Furniture

My first house, when I wed had an open plan kitchen and dining room. I always wanted a divided kitchen and separate room for dining. So in our next house that we bought, this was the first need that I checked. I was looking forward to decorating it sympathetically and creating a conventional eating area in keeping with the way of the house.

Nevertheless, it turned out to be more complicated than I had thought to find furniture for this room that would make exactly the right statement.I was set on having it as a dedicated room for dining and nothing else. I was fortunate to have this room as I had seen a lot of other houses with dining rooms that were unimaginable to use because of their size. I was also determined not to let this room be used for anything else.

Having accomplished the ground rules, we then set about transforming it from the white canvas it was into the elegant family dining room we craved. Even though, the dining room was going to be used for formal occasions, I was also determined not to let it seem indifferent, stodgy and boring. We also decided to buy the best quality furniture we could afford, knowing that it would serve us well for many years to come.

It was pure wood and a light finish, not dark and we had looked closely at wood grains, colors and finishes. If we had not wanted the light wood then we could have chosen a darker wood such as mahogany or walnut. The table also extended out so I could hold more people if needed. I ran my fingers across the wood and the smooth feel was marvellous. The way it opened out was simplicity itself and this made it contemporary and practical and also traditional and graceful.

We also purchased the matching chairs that were stitched with leather into the seats and backs. Again the leather was both modern and classically elegant. It was a marvellous effect. To complete the look, we also chose a matching sideboard with some small storage cabinets. That gave me all the storage space I needed for glasses, crockery, cutlery, table linens, candles and all the other small items belonging to the dining room.

I stood back and admired how much the dining room had come together. All the guests that come round always admire the dinning room but above all the oak furniture. No matter what is going on in the rest of the house, the dining room is a haven of calmness and elegance and undoubtedly my best-loved room in the house.