How To Repair A Concrete Floor

Your home’s foundation may need repair if it has begun to sag, especially if it’s not adequately supported. Changes in rainfall and soil conditions can also affect the condition of your home. If you notice that your foundation has started to sink, this can cause many uncomfortable and dangerous problems. You may also see sagging floors or windows. Ultimately, it could lead to severe damage to your foundation.


If you need concrete repair maintenance Rock Hill, consider a water-resistant and durable solution. PolyLevel(r) is a two-part foam that expands to a firm 90 percent of its final strength. This method is much safer than mudjacking and will not harm your landscaping. In addition, PolyLevel will lift the concrete and give you peace of mind. Finally, the process is permanent, so it won’t require repaving.

When you have sunken concrete, it is crucial to know that the soil beneath it is stable. Otherwise, sunken or uneven concrete surfaces can become unattractive over time. Additionally, natural soil erosion can cause sunken or uneven concrete. Luckily, there are solutions for both of these issues. For example, the poly level is a waterproof system that eliminates stress points and extends the life of the concrete. Plus, it doesn’t require the demolition of the concrete or transport to the landfill.


Concrete mudjacking is a standard method of concrete repair maintenance Rock Hill. This process uses heavy-duty cement and mud to raise a slab several inches. The mixture takes several days to cure and can be very heavy, adding unwanted weight to the slab. Although mud jacking is less expensive than replacing concrete, it can also wash out and cause the slab to settle again. To avoid this, you should hire a qualified contractor with extensive experience and knowledge of the local soil conditions.

Mudjacking is a temporary solution for concrete issues since it relies on underlying soils to support lifted slabs. However, the ground can shift due to dramatic freeze and thaw cycles, decaying tree roots, and water damage. Therefore, even though mudjacking can be an effective repair, it is not guaranteed to lift concrete completely. Instead, polyurethane is used to stabilize the concrete and soil. This method is often preferred over replacement because it is less expensive and less disruptive to homeowners.

Concrete protection system

A concrete repair project is often an inconvenience, but an excellent way to avoid it is to have it protected with a protective system. Whether you’re fixing a cracked sidewalk or the aging concrete pool in your Rock Hill home, a robust protection system is essential to ensure that your substantial project lasts as long as possible. The support system lifts and restores the concrete surface. For example, the Supportworks concrete protection system was used in a retirement community in Virginia with unlevel sidewalk joints. It also leveled an in-ground swimming pool that had been damaged by the ground over the years.

One such product is the MasterProtect 8500CI, a clear liquid containing a 100% reactive penetrating and a latent-phase corrosion inhibitor. It prevents rebar from corroding by inhibiting the electrochemical reaction between the steel and concrete. It also inhibits accelerated corrosion, enabling concrete to reach its design strength in a shorter period.

Concrete lifting and leveling product

In addition to providing an attractive appearance, concrete lifting and leveling products provide long-lasting, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solutions to various structural problems. It is a non-invasive alternative to mudjacking and won’t damage your landscaping or other structures. A professional can quickly and easily fix your damaged concrete for you and give you peace of mind. A PolyLevel specialist can help you choose the right solution for your concrete problems and provide you with a quote.

Mudjacking, also known as slab jacking, is an old method for fixing sunken concrete slabs. However, mudjacking has several limitations and is not always the best solution for all cases. Mudjacking can be disruptive, messy, and damage landscaping and property. With a PolyLevel(r) solution, stress points are eliminated, and unwanted cracking is minimized. Additionally, it extends the life of your concrete, keeping it out of landfills and ensuring that you don’t need to replace the entire slab.

The Driveway Company

You have several options for fixing the problem of uneven or sunken concrete. The Driveway Company is the right company to call whether the slab is causing an unsightly tripping hazard or a significant eyesore. We use PolyLevel(r), an industry-leading concrete lifting product, to raise a concrete slab to a more even level. This lightweight polyurethane foaming agent expands to provide a sturdy yet light support system.

Our experienced, qualified specialists are available to answer any questions you have about foundation repair. Call today for a free estimate! Ask us about our service plans – we’ll come to your home, no matter how small – and let’s get started!