Knowing the Different Shapes of Dining Room Tables

Knowing the Different Shapes of Dining Room Tables

When choosing a table for your dining room, it is not only the size that you need to check but also the shape. The shape must depend on the contour of your dining area as well as the number of people who will regularly use it.

Dining tables have different shapes and they are as follows:

Rectangle is the most common and most popular shape for dining tables. Since most dining rooms are rectangular, this shape of table is the most sensible thing to have. The ideal dimension for this form is 36 x 42 inches. If your dining room is narrow, get a narrow table as well. However, if the table is slimmer than 36 inches, you will have the need for a sideboard to place your food especially for big gatherings. This will give you ample space on the table to seat all of your guests.

Advantage: It can seat more than 4 people especially if you get to have the modern extendable tables.

Square tables are suitable for the same size of dining area. This suits a small-sized family since the most it can seat is four people. However, modern furniture has offered options for this type to accommodate more people with its feature of being expanded. If you are to have some visitors, you can put 2 square tables together.


It is ideal for a small family and small gatherings.

It provides familiarity, intimacy and is cozier.

Round tables are good for bigger get-togethers; however, you will need a bigger space. It is also suggested that when you choose this shape, get one that has a central base to accommodate more leg space. Modern furniture manufacturers also have made the option where it can be extended allowing more room for guests.


It offers you the opportunity to see each other’s faces even for big gatherings.

It can accommodate a big group of people.

The oval-shaped dining table is almost the same as that of the rectangular form. They occupy less space and are good for children, as it does not have sharp edges. It is likewise good for a narrow and small dining area.

Advantage: It can accommodate more people.

Choosing the shape of your dining table will be easier provided you know your preferences or requirements. True enough, you cannot just depend on the outside appearance because it appeals to you but the size and shape matters. Likewise, no matter how much you like its style and design, but if it does not fit your dining area, it will also prove to be useless.

Bear in mind that the available space you have and the furniture should go along well. Your family and your visitors must still have adequate space to move when getting up from their chair. You also need to think of some space when the chair is pushed backwards. All of these are vital when buying your table. Aesthetics, of course, is essential but comfort gets a big percentage.

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