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Vehicle Exhaust Gas Solutions

Air injection is a common feature also called injection of secondary air. Secondary air injection is the introduction of air that is fresh to the emission system of a vehicle to aid in total burning of gases. The full combustion of engine gases brings about efficiency by generating more engine power.

The mode of air injection usually determines the mechanism by which emission of the exhaust gas can be manipulated. This is also determined by the point where air gets into the waste system and has changed with technology advancement. Air injection into cylinder heads and exhaust manifolds was the first method of air injection with the initial systems.

Complete burning of fuel that had not been burned or that which was partially burned was enabled by these initial air injection systems. The aim of introducing these systems was to ensure that fuel was completely burned. Sophistication saw to it that there were fewer exhaustions of incompletely combusted fuel and gases from vehicles. With different air injection strategies introduced, effectiveness and efficiency was realized.

Air injection can be done in two distinct ways for better engine performance. For instance we have injection systems that use a pump in their operation. An engine is either used to turn the pump joined to it using a belt or an electric powered motor could be used to turn the pump. With this method, air is pumped and injected to the desired points on low pressure. Means of protecting the engine by checking and stopping the exhaust gas from causing harm to the air pump are installed.

The second method is whereby negative pressure built by the engine is used to cause air injection into the engine by allowing the engine to suck in air through designed ports. When the engine is idle, it sucks in the directed air in pulses from the exhaust system. This system has been used by a well known vehicle manufacturer and has proved to work efficiently.

These systems reduce harmful gases being released to the atmosphere from vehicle engines. This has enabled a safer environment for both people, animals and plants. Air injection systems also help in the saving of costs on fuels because they ensure that fuel is not wasted.

Air injection systems need to be checked regularly and maintenance and repair done for effective running. The level of damage will determine whether a normal preservation or an overhaul of the air injection system will be done. In case of any mechanical problem or malfunction of the air injection system, a repair shop can be visited to provide the necessary solutions.

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