Table Runners – Simple Accents to a Dining Table

Table Runners – Simple Accents to a Dining Table

Table runners can be a great way for you and some extra accents to your dining room or kitchen. While they may seem like a small detail of the rest of your dining room’s decor, the fact of matter is that these are one of the more noticeable factors in your decorating. When everyone has sat down at the table, they will notice the runners more than they will notice most of the other things in the room.

Choosing the right table runners can be difficult, because there are so many out there for you to choose from. There are many designs, colors, and materials for you to pick and choose from in order to come up with the perfect runners for your dining room’s decor. You should pay attention to the rest of your dining room before finally choosing runners in order to ensure that the ones you choose will work well with everything else you already have set up.

The most common materials that you will find table runners made out of are polyester and silk. There is a noticeable price difference between the two, with silk being more expensive, but in many cases most will not be able to tell the difference without touching them. If you are working on a budget, then it is a better idea to go with those made of polyester. Ones that are made of polyester can look just as elegant as any runner made out of silk as long as you are picky with the colors and designs present on the runner.

Most of the designs he will find these in will be either Oriental or Victorian-style. Both of these work well in most decors, so you should determine which one would do best in your individual style. The color also matters, with the most common ones being white, beige, red, black, burgundy, brown, and green. Those that are darker colors or have accents that are anywhere from white to golden in color. Most of the ones that you will find will have the perfect color accents for the color adorns the runner.

Also be sure that the runners that you choose are one third of the table with. Not only that, but they should be 12 inches free so that 6 inches cutting off the side. It’s the perfect size, though depending on your table you may want a different size order to make it seem larger or smaller. If you have a tablecloth, then you are going to want to place your runner in the middle of the table on top of the tablecloth. This really makes table runners stand out, especially if the runner that you choose happens to be much darker than your tablecloth.