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Want to Grow Your Own Cannabis?

Cannabis or medical marijuana is already legal to use in many states. Planting or growing cannabis is already being done by many people in these states. And now the concern is how to acquire cannabis or medical marijuana cheaply. It will be a great accomplishment to be able to produce medical marijuana in a cheap way since it is very expensive to buy them. You can now grow your own marijuana plant at home with the use of a marijuana grow box or a hydroponic system.

It might be very costly and complex to have a hydroponic system but if you want a simpler and cheaper set up, then a grow box would be ideal. Marijuana plants grow in water in a hydroponic system and this water contains nutrients that is helpful for the growth of the plants. If this method is done correctly, the nutrients will give you heathy, plants that will give you high yields. In a grow box, you use soil with fertilizer and the lighting of your choice. You can use a plastic crate or a safe to make your own cheap grow box. If you don’t want to make your own grow box, then you can simply order these kits online complete with everything that you need to grow your cannabis plant.

Space is needed for a hydroponic system, and you need to always monitor the pH level of your water and its cleanliness. pH levels of water in a hydroponic system should be closely monitored so they don’t get out of control. If you are going to have a hydroponic system, be ready to regularly maintain it. You can achieve superior results with this method. If you don’t think you have the time and energy to maintain a hydroponic system, then you can always opt for a cannabis grow box.

You don’t have the same level of maintenance for a cannabis grow box. It also costs less. There is no irrigation system in a grow box and so you don’t need monitoring of water pH levels. The most important things in a grow box is the proper lighting conditions and enough water so that they can survive. Lighting schedule is very important in a grow box. Marijuana plants should not be left to grow on their own. They still need care to survive in a grow box.

You can find many benefits in growing marijuana in both grow boxes and hydroponic systems, but they also have their disadvantages. If you are choosing the best method, make sure to think these through carefully. hydroponic systems are for those with time and money and this will give you great yields. For those who have low budget and not very much time in their hands, a cannabis grow box is ideal for growing your cannabis at home.

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