The Dining Table And Six Chairs, Still Popular

The Dining Table And Six Chairs, Still Popular

While family sizes in many areas of the world are declining, as more and more people make the conscious decision to have fewer children, I find it odd that the most common type of dining room furniture sold is still the good old standard dining table and six chairs is still the most popular and best-selling dining table set. Of course, even with smaller families, many of us need the extra space and so, there are still plenty of reasons sets of this size remain popular.

In my home, we regularly use the “dining” area for lots of other purposes. As a crafter, I use it to spread out patterns, sort supplies and even sit there to do some of my larger scale work. My kids use it for doing their homework when it’s the sort that doesn’t require a computer and my husband likes it for spreading out the newspaper as he sips coffee. So, I suppose a dining table with six chairs can still fit in with the changing trends in family size.

This is not to say, of course, that many families don’t need all of those chairs. I have one neighbor who is a foster parent to five boys ranging in age from three to fifteen. She has my sympathies and she also has a very sturdy dining room table and six chairs, all of which must be occupied at each meal. After all, she is trying to provide a real “family” atmosphere for her foster kids and this table set is part of the plan.

Whatever the reason, extra space for entertaining, needed space for larger families or just some workspace for the smaller family unit, these typical dining room sets are bound to remain just as popular even with life’s changing trends. The size fits most rooms and thanks to our many uses and needs for these sets, they fit our lifestyles, too.

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