The Old Fashioned Dining Table And Bench Get New Life

The Old Fashioned Dining Table And Bench Get New Life

They used to be referred to as trestle tables. In the early days of American history, most pioneer homes didn’t have a fancy dining room table surrounded by six or ten intricately carved chairs. The most common eating facility, often located in the kitchen area, was a trestle table, the common name that referred to a long rectangular dining table and bench. Some tables had a bench on either side. Others backed against a wall and had just the one, depending on the size of the family.

Today, as it is with so many things, we are finding modern furniture designers creating new and more contemporary versions of time-honored furniture styles. The dining table and bench are no exception to this rule. Today’s versions feature padded benches, often attached to the table and some that pull out when in use and that can be pushed under and stored until needed. The materials can range from the classic heavy, antiqued wood looks to tabletops covered with tile mosaics and the bench seats padded in matching colored vinyl.

There are some benefits to the use of the table, both aesthetically and practically. First, the style is wonderful in either a country d?�cor. It also works great when used in a smaller home or apartment that has only an eat-in kitchen. It allows for space, adds an element of style and is a practical area for dining or even, as was often the case in those pioneer homesteads, for preparing meals.

Would a trestle table look good in your home? Is it the right choice for you? Go on line and check out some of the new and the not-so-new looks for this dining table with bench and decide for yourself. You might just find you like the newest takes on this old style of dining room furniture and are ready to make a place for it in your home’s d?�cor.

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