Tiffany Light Fixtures

Tiffany Light Fixtures

If you’re looking to add color and vitality to a dining room, think about using Tiffany light fixtures. Named after the famous artist Louis Comfort Tiffany who also created lamps, mosaics, and stained glass windows, these beautiful art pieces are made from bright colored glass that are bound together.

Around since the 19th century, Tiffany lighting is a classic that not only lends delight to the eyes but it’s also considered a wise investment. Adding this to your dining room is sure to make a bold statement to its design.

Many people who want to add a touch of elegant drama and flair use Tiffany lighting to enhance a room. If you are also planning to use this in a room then here are a few suggestions on the types of Tiffany lighting available:

Tiffany Lamps are one of the most popular items to invest in. There are a number of models such as the Tiffany table lamp that can look wonderful on a buffet table. The Tiffany floor/torchiere lamp will add interest to any bare corner or wall.

Tiffany Chandeliers are made with the trademark colored glass in a multiple arm design. Upward-facing lights will add formality to a dining room while downward lighting lends a more casual atmosphere.

For a contemporary addition try a Tiffany Bowl Pendant. With its clean lines and the pendant bowl made of the classic multi-colored glass, it works particularly well in smaller spaces such as a small dining room or kitchen.

The pendant bowls are available in a number of designs and materials. There is the traditional “Harvest” design and also the more contemporary designs which use materials such as shells or natural stone.

The “Pomez” bowl pendant is made from genuine agate stone and created by Quoizel.