What Children Want: A Mom’s Guide to Children’s Bedroom Furniture

What Children Want: A Mom’s Guide to Children’s Bedroom Furniture

Most parents’ fails to realize that their children bedroom is more than just a room where they can sleep. Their bedroom is considered as children’s private space and sanctuary where they can play and learn in utmost safety and pleasure. That is why children’s bedroom furniture must be child friendly and conducive to learning as well.

By the child’s bedroom design alone can be an early preparation to learning. Parents can simply pick a theme that can fire up child’s imagination just in case that he is too young to do that. Just in case that you’ve noticed your child’s affinity to a certain children’s show character then can help the kid inspire learning a lot.

Boys adore bunk beds. But lighter colors are often most preferred as they are easier to match and paired with other children themed d?�cor. Always go for quality beds that can last for several years. As parents, it is not encourage to frequently change children’s bedroom furniture especially the bed. Do change the bedroom theme as your child grows up.

Dressers are bedroom furniture often neglected. Contrary to the popular belief that dressers have to be high to accommodate more children stuff as they grown is just an urban myth. Want to know the reason why? High dressers will just encourage your child to climb to the top thus poses great danger to your child. The drawers should be on locked runners so that the child can’t pull them all the way out and have them land on their toes. Three drawer dressers can double up as night tables beside the bed, preventing unnecessary mess and clutter on the bedroom.

Children with their budding creativity will surely love to draw, color and do puzzles. A matching kid’s table and chair will delight your kid. These children bedroom furniture is a must as this will encourage your child to develop his potential and to encourage independence. As for the children’s chair, choose a sturdy one that can withstand your child’s weight even when he is standing. Make sure that its edges are well-cushioned to avoid accidents.