What To Do When You Have a Septic Tank Leak

A leaking septic tank can not only be a smelly inconvenience but a danger to health and safety. If you have a septic tank, you should familiarize yourself with what to do about a leak, before a leak occurs.

Know the Signs

You may have a leaking septic tank if you notice a sewer gas smell around your home or in your yard. Unusual vegetation growth can also be a sign of a septic tank leak. Soggy spots or standing water in your yard around where your septic tank is can indicate septic water coming out of the ground. If your toilets or sinks are backing up or slow to drain, this could also indicate an issue. Finally, some newer septic systems come with alarms that make a beeping noise when a problem is detected.

Locate Your Tank and Drain Field

If your septic system was installed before you bought your home, you may not know the exact location of the tank and drain field. Contact your local health department. They may have records with this information.

Check for Damage

Once you know where your tank is, look for signs of damage. Holes in the soil or soil settling can indicate a problem.

Call a Professional

Trying to pump or repair your septic system yourself can be a health hazard. If your septic system needs to be repaired or replaced, contact septic tank excavation Cortlandt Manor NY, for assistance.

Reduce Water Use

If you think you have a problem, use as little water as possible while waiting for repairs. Repair anything that is leaking and do not let your water run when you are not using it.

A leaking septic tank can be a major inconvenience and an environmental hazard. Following these steps can help you diagnose and fix a septic tank leak.