Zen Furniture – Guide to Creating a Simple and Tranquil Home

Zen Furniture – Guide to Creating a Simple and Tranquil Home

Zen Furniture

Simplicity and the use of natural materials is key to Zen style furnishing. Open, uncluttered space should combine with soft furnishings, gentle fabric textures and light, to allow an easy flow of energy within the home, helping towards greater clarity of mind and spirit.

Reclaimed wood such as solid teak from Indonesia is ideal for Zen furniture design. Stylish reclaimed timbers deliver the quality, strength and depth of colour of mature wood, without impacting on the world’s natural resources. The traditional furniture building techniques used in Indonesia, also add a quality to the finished piece. The care and attention to detail will infuse the furniture with a sense of peace and tranquility.

Teak furniture is beautiful with its natural earthy tones, which works well in a Zen style living space. Or the wood can be stained to wonderful warm browns for those who prefer dark wood furniture.

Zen furniture pieces create an air of tranquility and calm, whilst reflecting an inner strength. It is this inner strength, combined with elegant, clean lines that make Zen furniture so appealing and effective. Interior decoration using Zen design will interact harmoniously with the spaces and forms within your home to soothe and relax the mind.

Dining Room Furniture With Zen

Creating a calming nurturing environment in the dining room, which is free from distractions, is especially important. It is here that you and your family and friends will want to relax and enjoy each other’s company. The earthy tones of natural Teak, together with contemporary Zen styling, will lend to a tangible sense of peace and harmony within the room.

A Zen interior will feature minimalist design and be relatively clutter free. It will also include elements that symbolise drawing people together and for this reason bench seating is favoured over separate chairs. Bench seating seats the whole family or group as one, and this in itself is effective in bringing everyone together.

Zen style dining tables are available in circular form, as well as the more widely used rectangular shape. It could be argued that the circular Zen dining table gets closer to Zen culture as it enables a family or group to come together without nominating a “head”. This creates a feeling of equality within the family of group of friends who are sitting together.

The minimalist principles behind Zen culture require that there be no unnecessary items within the dining room, to assist with the energy flow. It is also important that furniture items match – to avoid confusion and disharmony on the eye. To complement your dining table and chairs, pick other items for the room that are both beautiful, well matching and serve a purpose. Plenty of storage is always useful for tucking away clutter.