Tips When Buying Your Dining Room Table

Tips When Buying Your Dining Room Table

One thing you will need for your dining table is versatility. It should fit various occasions such as for causal meals, formal and informal gatherings. It should also serve as a buffet table for big parties. It should also be suited for other activities besides dining like working and gaming activities.

You should know your purposes for your dining table.

If you have a gaming room and a study room, then you might just allot this table for dining purposes. Do you often host parties and invite guests over? Then your dining table must be presentable and fitting for different occasions.

Your dining table should rightly fit in your dining room.

It should be neither too big nor too small as it will be the central furniture in the room. To be exact and sure, get the measurements of your dining area to get the perfect fit. You should also consider the dimensions of the entrance of this room. Of course, the table must fit the entrance so you will not have a hard time getting it inside.

As per the table’s measurements, a standard rule advises that you to allot 30 to 36 inches of space from the table’s edge to the wall and other furniture.

This space will allow a person to move back his chair with ease. If your dining table is too big for the room that it leaves no extra space for people to move, then dining would be an uncomfortable experience for all of you.

The shape of the table also matters.

Generally, you should follow the shape of your dining room if it has a definite shape. If the room can accommodate any table of any shape, you should base your choice on the kind of setting you want to foster in the room.

For a personal and friendly meal, opt for a square table. A square table is the best shape for small dining rooms as well.

A round table will allow more socialization for guests.

A rectangular table is the fitting shape for a big dining room and for big families. This will also do great if you often host big parties. This table can also serve the purpose of a buffet.

A round dining table is perfect for social gatherings where one needs to talk to more than two people. This is also a perfect gaming table as you can interact with every player in the room. You need to have a big space for a round dining table though.

You can choose various finishing for your dining table such as wood, acrylic, veneer, and glass tabletops. Lacquered wood is easier to clean and gives a beautiful shine.

Pick a color that will suit the style of your living room. Choose materials that are strong and durable.

Your dining table should serve your needs and meet your requirements.

It should suit your taste and reflect a bit of your personality as the homeowner.…

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Australia’s Major Invasive Species

Australia’s Major Invasive Species

Taking species from natural environments and introducing them to foreign ones can, and has caused many unintended consequences. The following cases have caused considerable destruction of Australia’s environment and natural ecology. While the issue needs to be addressed at a national level, individual farmers may be able to resist some pests’ damaging effects through the use of protective canopies

Cane Toads

Cane toads were introduced from their native South America, to control the native cane beetle, which damages sugar cane crops. In addition to being unsuccessful in this pursuit, the cane toad has gone on to become a major national menace. From their limited introduction in Northern Queensland in 1935, they have procreated rapidly, up to a population of over 200 million. They have also spread dramatically, right through Queensland, into New South Wales, and west into the Northern Territory.


Unlike the cane toad, foxes were introduced to Australia for leisure, namely hunting, in the mid 19th century. Ironically, more hunting than ever is needed to try and reduce the out of control population of feral foxes. Baiting is also used to try and control a population numbering over 7 million. Foxes have been responsible for the extinction of several native Australian animals, for which foxes became a predator.


Around the same time that foxes were being introduced for hunting, so too were rabbits, for the same purpose. By eating native plants, rabbits have been responsible for exposing topsoil, making land susceptible to erosion. The use of Myxomatosis helped reduce Australia’s rabbit population from an estimated 600 million to 100 million. Unfortunately, rabbits became resistant to myxomatosis and populations recovered to possibly 200-300 million. A similar experience unfolded with the accidental release of calicivirus, which reduced rabbit populations, until rabbit populations became resistant.

Feral Cats

Cats have been in Australia since the time of the convicts, and continue to be a popular pet. With cats being very adept at catching small animals, it is believed that Australia’s large feral cat population has had a very negative effect on Australia’s native fauna. In an interesting twist, feral cats have, however, been helpful in also feeding off wild rabbits, another introduced pest. Feral cats cover much of Australia’s territory, with the exception of regions with dense rainforest.

Introduced Birds

Most Australians will recognise the ubiquitous Indian Mynah, so prevalent due to its prolific breeding. It was introduced into Australia to control locust plagues. Indian Mynahs can disrupt native bird populations, by forcing them from their eggs and nests. Common starlings and rock pigeons are also introduced pests.

Other Pests

Australia’s native freshwater fish populations have been decimated by the introduction of more powerful species from overseas into local river systems. Such fish include very damaging carp and trout, as well as redfin perch and mosquitofish.

Other types of introduced pests include insects such as wasps, bees and fire ants. Marine pests include mussels and the crown of thorns starfish, the latter being extremely deadly to coral …

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Why the Shape and the Size of Dining Tables Are Essential When Getting Dining Sets

Why the Shape and the Size of Dining Tables Are Essential When Getting Dining Sets

Of course you want your dining room to be pleasant and comfortable enough for you and your visitors to dine in. But if you have a limited budget when it comes to purchasing dining tables, you want to make sure that you get access to the right choice of dining sets to fit your own preference.

Probably you are thinking what would be the best choice when it comes to dining furniture. Would it be the traditional dining sets of tables and chairs made of different kinds of woods, or would you prefer the modern ones made of aluminum and glass? Whichever is your choice, you have to keep in mind that there are important things to consider when it comes to purchasing such dining sets and that is the shape and the size of the dining tables as well as the chairs.

Why The Shape is Important

The shape of your dining furniture is important because this will set the mood in your dining room. More often the shape of the tables depend on what their purpose would be. Like for instance if its is rectangular or oval and shape. This would be more of the typical dining table you will see which may signify authority in the house because the two round or smaller edges of the table is where the leaders of the house will be sitting at.

However, if it’s a round table, you will find this to be the table of those who find authority in the dining table not an issue. Everybody is considered at the same level as they dine in this rounded shape dining table.

Why The Size is Important

The size of the dining tables and chairs are important because the size will determine the seating capacity of the dining set and if it fits the number of people that will be dining on it on a regular basis. Another thing is that, the larger the dining set you will acquire, the larger the space that you will be needing.

You will have to take note of both to make sure that the furniture that you will be getting is worth the value of your time and your money. You don’t just decide on purchasing dining sets by looking at its price and your budget, but you should also consider its functionality and if the style is appropriate for your dining room.…

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Using Bar Stools In The Kitchen

Using Bar Stools In The Kitchen

Although you may be in the market for a few stools for your kitchen counter and breakfast nook, consider the benefits of investing in bar stools rather than the formal kitchen counter stools that you may find on the market. There are many reasons for doing just that. Perhaps the best, though, is that you can easily choose between a huge range of style selections and really add some interest to the space by choosing from the range of bar stools on the market. Go ahead and get creative with these.

Choose The Right Stool

Before you do invest in these, do take the time to ensure that the stools will work in your kitchen. There are a variety of kitchen counter heights so your first step is to measure the amount of space under the kitchen countertop where you wish to position these to the floor. You do not want the height of the stool’s seat to come within at least six inches of the top of the counter if possible. If so, it will be difficult for people to sit there comfortably. If this is not possible because the counter top is lower, then ensure there is enough room for the stools to be comfortably pulled away from the counter.

Consider Your Style Options

Next, consider the space around you. What decorative items in the kitchen area can help you to choose the style of the stools? For example, you may have decorative pots and pans hanging from the ceiling. You may have other metalwork within the kitchen. If this is the case, pick up on this and invest in metal bar stools for the kitchen counter. On the other hand, you may have a color theme throughout the space. If that is the case, ensure you buy stools that work well with that color especially when it is prominent in the space. The good thing is that you will find many options to select from in color.

That is not all there is to take into consideration, though. You also want to consider if you want the bar stools to have backs or not. In the kitchen area, having that extra support can be nice, but if there is limited room, those backless barstools will work exceedingly well. You may also want to choose a classic look or a more modern look, depending on the décor in this space of your home.

There are many exciting pieces to select from in metal bar stools, wooden options and even wrought iron bar stools. Take a few minutes to consider which look can work best in your space. On the other hand, you may want to invest in stools that you simply love and decorate your entire kitchen around this look. Just remember, you can find discount bar stools that look great and function well. You do not have to spend a lot of money on these stools to allow them to add …

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Creating An Outside Room Ready For The Summer

Creating An Outside Room Ready For The Summer

When the warmer weather approaches, the idea of creating an outdoor living space will inspire and encourage open-air entertaining throughout the summer months. Outside dining rooms can be created with all the comforts of an indoor dining room and are paramount when created as an extension of the home. Designing an outside room can be straight forward with some simple planning in advance and once completed, even a basic outside room will enhance the use and appearance of the overall garden space.

Planning The Outside Room

Regardless of the size of the yard space available, creating an outdoor room for dining can easily be achieved by planning the room before all else. Locating the perfect space to create an outside dining area may be obvious. Using an existing decking or patio space will drastically cut the time it takes to create the room and if close to the house, make it feel like a true extension of the home. However, when no such space exists, an area of the garden that promotes peace and a relaxing atmosphere will work just as well. Keep functionality in mind when planning for an outdoor dining room for the space to be used on a continual basis.

After pinpointing the location of the room, there are several basic components to consider. When these specific components are combined the perfect outside dining room will be formed. The first basic component to consider is the flooring. The use of hardscaping for the flooring of an outside room will ensure the room is clearly defined. Features such as wooden decking, stone or brick paving, tiles and concrete patios are all considered flooring hardscape. The outside dining room will also need to be protected from the elements. To establish a dining area that can be used in all types of weather, use a cover such as a shade cloth, an outdoor awning or gazebo style roofing.

Decorating The Outside Room

To make recurrent use of an outside dining room, comfortable dining room furniture is essential. When choosing outdoor furniture for the room, take into consideration the material the furniture is produced from. Even with adequate roof covering, not all furniture material will survive the elements and water resistant options will assist with the longevity of the chosen furniture.

With the larger items of an outside dining room in place, suitable lighting can be beneficial for setting the mood of the ultimate outside dining experience. When the sun sets, well placed lanterns and candles will give the room character with ambient lighting. Dining hours can be extended with some simple outdoor lighting and make the outside room into a retreat for guests. For cooler summer nights, a heat source such as a fireplace or fire pit will prolong the use of the outdoor room in summer and for cooler months in general.

The final basic component to consider when creating an outside dining room area is the decoration. To make an …

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Update Your Dining Room With Modern Chairs

Update Your Dining Room With Modern Chairs

Dining rooms are inherently formal. Because of this, many people associate the words uptight and uninviting with these spaces. Perhaps it is because formal dining room chairs are stiff and honestly quite uncomfortable. However, your room does not need to be cramped and awkward. Instead you can use modern chairs to update your look making it significantly more contemporary and even more comfortable.

Manufacturers have changed their style over time as well. They actually have begun to shift away from those hard and uninspiring dining chairs. Today’s modern creations are not only stylish but relaxing and cozy as well. It’s not difficult to find a lush leather chair designed specifically for the dining room. These chairs are truly pieces of art rather than just furniture. Their architecture, detail work, and overall aesthetic make them visually interesting to have in your room in addition to being quite luxurious to sit in.

When looking to add modern chairs to your dining room there are many ways to go about it. If you want something different with a bit more panache, you might want to purchase two different styles of chairs. If you decide to go with this option, you will want to choose chairs with a similar theme or the same color palette. For example, if brown leather chairs are your thing, you might want to stick with ones that have a similar feature such as brass accents for instance. So even though the chairs are different, choosing a common feature will give your room design a cohesive feel so that the variety appears planned rather than simply a hodge-podge of furniture.

The great thing about using modern chairs in your dining room is that you will have a bit of versatility in terms of seating throughout the rest of your home. When you are having people over it seems like there is never enough seating. You probably don’t want to use those big and heavy chairs that surround your formal dining room table. Not only are they hard to move, but they have a very specific look to them that might coordinate with the more informal areas of your home. However, when you decide to go with modern chairs, you provide yourself with much more versatility in your home. Now you not only have additional seating available for those events when you need it, but you’ve got seats that are practical as well.

Some may think that modern chairs won’t work in a more traditional and formal dining room. However, design has evolved to encompass fusions of style. Today it is not uncommon to mix older or more classical pieces with very modern pieces. This juxtaposition of different designs is actually very pleasing to the eye. It can create a lot of depth and variety to your room d?�cor.

Find pieces that you love and do not be afraid to integrate them into your dining room’s furniture plan. If a piece speaks to you …

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The 5 Easy Tricks To Keep Your Dining Room Clean

The 5 Easy Tricks To Keep Your Dining Room Clean

De-clutter. This is the first move that you need to do. Remove all items that do not belong in the dining room and put them back where they belong. Assign a place (it can be the garage or the shed) where unwanted items will be placed. Assign a basket for bills or mails that you still want to keep; if they are of not use to you anymore put them straight away to the trash can.

Relieve the dining room with plenty of bric-a-brac. If you do want to have them, keep it to a minimum. Bric-a-brac gathers dust and the dining room is one place that cannot afford to get too dusty. Another way to do this is to separate decorative items that you use for a particular season. Put them in separate containers and have them labeled. Use the decors that you want to use for a particular season; but then again do not put too much.

Dusting. Be sure to use the precise cleaning product in dusting or cleaning glass and wooden articles, brass, etc. Walls, ceilings and corners must be dusted, too. Get rid of cobwebs. Move furniture to clean it from all positions. Ceiling fan must be dusted, as well but make sure you use a ladder in doing this.

Change the curtains and clean windows. Dusty and unclean curtains, draperies or blinds must be changed to new ones. But before putting the new ones, clean the windows (the window glass, panes and corners).

Wash the dining table and other furniture. The dining room table must be washed well, although this must be done after each meal. Use the appropriate product in cleaning the table, chairs and table and seat covers or padding. Shelves, china cabinet and drawers must be emptied so it can be wiped well.

Sweeping or Vacuuming. When all the clutter has been removed, do the next thing which is sweeping or vacuuming and washing the floors.

Once you have done your de-cluttering, cleaning and organizing your dining room, all you have to do is maintain the orderliness and cleanliness. This is best observed by cleaning the dining room on a regular basis. A simple dusting and vacuuming will do the trick as dust will not build up that much unlike when you do it once in a month or every two weeks. A duster is a good tool in dusting; choose one with an expandable stick to reach the ceiling and lighting furniture. The dusting of the chairs and its legs and the dining room’s surfaces can be done once in a week. Mop the dust on the floors once a week. Have ready spirits to clean the windows as well as the glass of the china cabinet. Getting to the habit of cleaning your dining room regularly will help also lighten its atmosphere.…

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Feng Shui and Children: How Feng Shui Can Help Your Children Succeed

Feng Shui and Children: How Feng Shui Can Help Your Children Succeed

Today’s world is extremely competitive, therefore it’s very important for parents to support children in their studies and to help them succeed in every way they can. A Feng Shui practitioner can use a compass to construct a special chart in order to discover where children are most supported in their studies.

Seems unlikely? My own daughter is very dyslexic, yet achieved top marks in her national exams. She worked very hard, obviously, but had no extra tuition at home or at school. Instead, she did her homework and exam studying in a particular part of the house where the “Flying Star” chart indicated there was an area especially advantageous for study.

What is a “Flying Star” chart?

When a Feng Shui practitioner takes a compass reading of your home, she uses that reading, together with some other information to plot tendencies and change over time. Just as an Architect’s blueprint is a design for living, so too is a “Flying Star” chart. When an Architect constructs a plan, she will indicate which rooms serve what purpose – kitchen, bathroom, dining room, bedrooms etc – and design the building around those purposes: the kitchen close to the dining room, for example, so that food remains hot when transferred between cooking and eating facilities.

However, it may be that when the family moves in, the rooms are used for different purposes over time. It may be that a dining room is converted to a downstairs bedroom for an elderly relative, for example.

A “Flying Star” chart is similar in that it is a blueprint indicating the most positive uses for spaces within a building. The building could be an office, shop or any other kind of structure. However, when helping your children to succeed with Feng Shui, the indicators we look for are, as mentioned above, areas that support study, good sleeping directions, spots that may enhance positive friendships (for networking) and good health. On the flip side, we also look for areas that may not be so supportive in order to reduce negative tendencies.

Just as an architect constructs plans in order to enhance lifestyle and reduce impediments to free flow, so Feng Shui practitioners help parents plan for their children’s success by constructing a Flying Star chart of their home. “Cures” for irritations can be as elaborate as a well placed fish tank or a chiming clock, or as simple as suggesting a child studies in one particular place rather than another.…

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How to Choose and Use Your Buffet Table

How to Choose and Use Your Buffet Table

If you are thinking of buying one, you have to know what to look for.

What are the other uses for your buffet?

Transform your buffet table from a simple table into something more useful. To get the most out of your buffet, you need to know how to utilize it at its fullest.

If you are saving up on space, then you may use your buffet as the dining table. You can transform this table as a party table, too. You can also use it as a storage area for your dinnerware, glassware, china, and silver ware.

As a party table

This table may serve as the main dining table when guests are around. This is where they can gather and sit to eat. Just provide seats to accommodate all your guests. If your buffet is very spacious, you can lay out the food together with the dinnerware, utensils, glassware for each visitor.

If you are not holding a sit down party, you can use your buffet as the service table where all the food and drinks are laid out. This will allow your guests to move around, socialize, and chat with other guests. Your guests can also pick the food they want to eat easily.

You can still use the buffet for intimate dinners. If you opt not to use it as a dining table, you may use it as accent furniture instead. Drape it with a tablecloth and put decorations on top. You can put design plates, figurines, flower arrangement and pictures on the buffet table as decorations. For a more romantic appeal, you can put scented candles on the buffet table and play soft music to complement the mood.

As storage furniture

To have more use of your buffet, choose to buy one that has a lot of storage units such as doors, shelves and drawers. This will allow you to store your dinnerware, silverware, china, glassware, utensils, napkins, tablecloth and other dining items. If your buffet table has an open space or its doors are made of glass, you can arrange the items in such a way that they would appear as display items.

Features to look for:

The Size

The size will normally depend on the size of your dining room. You also need to base your choice on the number of people whom you normally invite over for dinner. Buy chairs, which will match your buffet. You can opt to buy foldable furniture that is easy to store and saves up on space.

The Material

There are different materials used for buffet tables. Wood will match traditional and grand homes. Metal and glass are for modern homes, which look elegant as well.

A buffet table will surely improve the party experience of your guests. This will make dining more flexible. You will also find this furniture to be multifunctional for your dining room.

So if you are looking for you own buffet table, make sure …

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Zen Furniture – Guide to Creating a Simple and Tranquil Home

Zen Furniture – Guide to Creating a Simple and Tranquil Home

Zen Furniture

Simplicity and the use of natural materials is key to Zen style furnishing. Open, uncluttered space should combine with soft furnishings, gentle fabric textures and light, to allow an easy flow of energy within the home, helping towards greater clarity of mind and spirit.

Reclaimed wood such as solid teak from Indonesia is ideal for Zen furniture design. Stylish reclaimed timbers deliver the quality, strength and depth of colour of mature wood, without impacting on the world’s natural resources. The traditional furniture building techniques used in Indonesia, also add a quality to the finished piece. The care and attention to detail will infuse the furniture with a sense of peace and tranquility.

Teak furniture is beautiful with its natural earthy tones, which works well in a Zen style living space. Or the wood can be stained to wonderful warm browns for those who prefer dark wood furniture.

Zen furniture pieces create an air of tranquility and calm, whilst reflecting an inner strength. It is this inner strength, combined with elegant, clean lines that make Zen furniture so appealing and effective. Interior decoration using Zen design will interact harmoniously with the spaces and forms within your home to soothe and relax the mind.

Dining Room Furniture With Zen

Creating a calming nurturing environment in the dining room, which is free from distractions, is especially important. It is here that you and your family and friends will want to relax and enjoy each other’s company. The earthy tones of natural Teak, together with contemporary Zen styling, will lend to a tangible sense of peace and harmony within the room.

A Zen interior will feature minimalist design and be relatively clutter free. It will also include elements that symbolise drawing people together and for this reason bench seating is favoured over separate chairs. Bench seating seats the whole family or group as one, and this in itself is effective in bringing everyone together.

Zen style dining tables are available in circular form, as well as the more widely used rectangular shape. It could be argued that the circular Zen dining table gets closer to Zen culture as it enables a family or group to come together without nominating a “head”. This creates a feeling of equality within the family of group of friends who are sitting together.

The minimalist principles behind Zen culture require that there be no unnecessary items within the dining room, to assist with the energy flow. It is also important that furniture items match – to avoid confusion and disharmony on the eye. To complement your dining table and chairs, pick other items for the room that are both beautiful, well matching and serve a purpose. Plenty of storage is always useful for tucking away clutter.…

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