The 5 Easy Tricks To Keep Your Dining Room Clean

The 5 Easy Tricks To Keep Your Dining Room Clean

De-clutter. This is the first move that you need to do. Remove all items that do not belong in the dining room and put them back where they belong. Assign a place (it can be the garage or the shed) where unwanted items will be placed. Assign a basket for bills or mails that you still want to keep; if they are of not use to you anymore put them straight away to the trash can.

Relieve the dining room with plenty of bric-a-brac. If you do want to have them, keep it to a minimum. Bric-a-brac gathers dust and the dining room is one place that cannot afford to get too dusty. Another way to do this is to separate decorative items that you use for a particular season. Put them in separate containers and have them labeled. Use the decors that you want to use for a particular season; but then again do not put too much.

Dusting. Be sure to use the precise cleaning product in dusting or cleaning glass and wooden articles, brass, etc. Walls, ceilings and corners must be dusted, too. Get rid of cobwebs. Move furniture to clean it from all positions. Ceiling fan must be dusted, as well but make sure you use a ladder in doing this.

Change the curtains and clean windows. Dusty and unclean curtains, draperies or blinds must be changed to new ones. But before putting the new ones, clean the windows (the window glass, panes and corners).

Wash the dining table and other furniture. The dining room table must be washed well, although this must be done after each meal. Use the appropriate product in cleaning the table, chairs and table and seat covers or padding. Shelves, china cabinet and drawers must be emptied so it can be wiped well.

Sweeping or Vacuuming. When all the clutter has been removed, do the next thing which is sweeping or vacuuming and washing the floors.

Once you have done your de-cluttering, cleaning and organizing your dining room, all you have to do is maintain the orderliness and cleanliness. This is best observed by cleaning the dining room on a regular basis. A simple dusting and vacuuming will do the trick as dust will not build up that much unlike when you do it once in a month or every two weeks. A duster is a good tool in dusting; choose one with an expandable stick to reach the ceiling and lighting furniture. The dusting of the chairs and its legs and the dining room’s surfaces can be done once in a week. Mop the dust on the floors once a week. Have ready spirits to clean the windows as well as the glass of the china cabinet. Getting to the habit of cleaning your dining room regularly will help also lighten its atmosphere.