5 Reasons to Have a Boundary Fence Erected Around Your Property

5 Reasons to Have a Boundary Fence Erected Around Your Property

Obviously if your property is suffering from some major structural disrepair or other pressing matters such as missing roof tiles then by all means address those first. However, your Boundary Border should be one of your first jobs attended to once you have your new house, or even equally important on older homes depending on the condition of your existing fence or boundary border.

For your boundary border there are various choices, from a Brick wall to a natural Hedgerow. Wooden Fencing however is one of the best options and here are 5 reasons why;

1 – Maintenance

If you have a shrubbery or hedgerow or some other kind of natural border, inevitably it is a tedious task to stay on top of it. Being a living and growing part of your garden means you constantly have need to get your gardening shears or hedge clippers out with your step ladders to keep it looking neat and tidy. With a Wooden Fence border, this eliminates the need for constant pruning.

2 – Privacy

With a nice wooden fence you can ensure your garden is private and free from the prying eyes of your neighbors. Most areas enforce a 6ft height maximum, which is ample to keep your garden and property boundary private.

3 – Aesthetically Pleasing

There are various styles of wooden fencing, and although a well maintained Topiary can look pleasing to the eye, with decorative wooden fencing you can achieve stunning borders around your property that compliment the decor of the house.

4 – Longevity

If you choose a professional fence erecting service that uses best quality materials then you should have a boundary fence that will be standing strong for many years to come. Tantalized and pressure treated fence panels are weather resistant, and it is easy to give them an extra coat of weather shield type wood treatment or similar substance. Even if you buy your own materials and erect it yourself you can treat your fence so that it will be standing proud for a long time.

5 – Costs

Although a brick walled boundary border will look substantial, it will also leave a substantial hole in your bank account. It takes a long time to erect as well. A Wooden fence however will be cheaper than a brick wall, and if erected well will last nearly as long.

Don’t forget about the cost saving incurred from not having to trim your hedge or topiary anymore either!

As you can see from the points mentioned above, a wooden fence is an excellent choice for your Homes boundary border. There are many types and styles of wooden fence to choose from which means that no matter what style your property is there will be a suitable option of fencing for your needs.