Dining Room Chair Covers

Dining Room Chair Covers

Dining chair covers can be an essential item to help protect the chair fabric from stains and spills. No matter how careful you are, there will always be accidents, and this is almost certainly going to happen if you have kids and pets around the house. Most people’s dining room furniture is expensive, and aims to make a statement for any visitors and guests. It makes sense to keep things looking pristine and clean.

Over time these chairs can start to look a little tired and worn, not only from the spills but also from the fact they are used every day by you and your family members. The cushions get worn and the legs and arms can become chipped or scraped. Falling cutlery is the biggest culprit for scratches and chip marks. Investing in some chair covers can prolong the chair fabric life and make it look like new. There are quite a few types, ranging from complete custom made covers, to inexpensive stretch covers that can be fitted in a matter of minutes.

Custom chair covers will totally replace the old fabric, and this is best left to a craftsman to do for you. You choose the new colors and patterns and they do the job. This is the most expensive way of covering chairs, but the result will be much better. Only decide on this course of action if your chairs are good quality to begin with, otherwise you are wasting your time.

Cheaper covers will simply fit over the existing fabric and help protect it. The styles and choices are endless, and the best covers will fit most naturally. Check and measure the size of your chairs so the cover will fit perfectly. This is very important if you want the right result. Badly fitting covers will soon start to crease and expose their seams, and may even rip.

The latest covers have a waterproof protective layer underneath which can stop any liquids from penetrating into the fabric beneath. These are a little more expensive but well worth the money. Another big advantage is that you can machine wash these types of covers. When an accident does occur you can have the covers off in seconds and into the wash. After drying for a few hours it will be good as new. You can’t do this with the original fabric without a struggle, and this is probably the biggest selling point.

Changing things up in your dining room can bring a fresh ambiance, and dinner parties can be the chance to show your guests your new covers. Many people have a few sets and change them for each occasion. These sets cost less than $10 and represent real value for little money.