Dining Room Tables for a Family of Four

Dining Room Tables for a Family of Four

If you have the luxury of being able to dine as a family, rather than resort to quick bites at the kitchen counter or on the run, it needs to be celebrated with an investment in a dining suite and a keen eye for what best suits your requirements and life style. Let us suppose you have an adequately sized dining room for your family of four, and that it is a well-lit, airy room that would accommodate a range of furniture options without restriction in color or density, you could select your dining room table in styles from traditional to contemporary, or even antique.

You also have a choice of shapes to select from. You can consider rectangular mahogany dining room tables with clean edges and legs, also in mahogany, that curve and taper outward from the corners, with a slight gold trim where they meet the table top. The simple yet elegant design would allow you to choose from a range of chairs and the rich reddish-brown tones of the mahogany would look good with most place mats. In lighter tones, you could opt for teak or red oak.

Round dining room tables are a popular choice. In your well-lit room, visualize a painted table, perhaps in dramatic black, with a 4-inch teak boarder in polished gold tones and slatted legs in black painted wood. Place a cut-glass bowl on it during the day, when not in use, to catch the light from the windows.

Presuming that you have a regular sized dining room, but without the amount of natural light you might have preferred, you would not want to invest in furniture that would further add to the shadows. Glass top tables are a wonderful option here. You could select a well-beveled 2-inch glass top, resting on a cylinder of teak wood which splays out into four slim legs at the base. This gives an illusion of space while accommodating your family comfortably at the meal. The supports do not get in the way of your legs either. Another favorite as far as glass top dining room tables go is wrought iron frame and legs. It looks chic and is practically maintenance free. Wrought iron is very versatile so the structure could be ornate or delicate, depending on what pleases you. A bowl of fruit or a flower arrangement would add to the decor.

Light colored timber is also a good option for the darker dining room. White oak is a wonderful whitish-gray hardwood that has its own glass-like finish. It does not easily stain so spillage would have a minimal effect on your table. You can also opt for square dining room tables with a white oak top. Since it is an exclusive timber and can be expensive, consider powder coated metal legs in either simple square cross-section or spindle-shaped. For a complete wood structure in a light color, consider pine or rubber wood. With a crimson or yellow runner diagonally across it, it would brighten up the room.