Leather Dining Chairs – Tips and Tricks to Keep Them in Top Condition

Leather Dining Chairs – Tips and Tricks to Keep Them in Top Condition

If you have recently purchased leather dining chairs for your home, then there are a few things that you should to keep your chairs in great condition. Some of these tips to keep in mind include what type of finish your chairs have, and what sort of treatment has the leather on your dining chairs undergone. You should also keep in mind a few precautionary measures that will help to keep your chairs damage and stain free. These points are shown below and will hopefully help you to keep these wonderful new additions to your home in prime condition for years to come.

If you have not already purchased your leather chairs, then determining what type of treatment different kinds of leather has had will help you make your decision. Some leather, such as Nubuck leather, has hardly been treated at all and is very soft. This type of leather also stains quite easily and is prone to forming patinas which form from the oils that your body produces. These stains will only form over a long period of time with heavy usage and you still might want to consider black leather dining chairs if you are leaning towards Nubuck leather. Another alternative if you want leather chairs that are not so susceptible to stains then you might want to look at chairs that have been more thoroughly treated with wax or oil. These are more commonly known as pull up leather dining chairs and are easy to recognize by their slippery quality and was separation when the leather is stretched.

Different types of finishes will require different amounts of maintenance so you should be certain of what type of leather is on your leather. Some of the types of finishes include pigmented finishes, and aniline finishes. The leather on pigmented finish dining chairs has been treated with colored dyes and is usually made using lower quality leather. This is great for families with children as the leather will not readily stain or tear but it can be quite stiff and uncomfortable. An aniline finish on a leather dining chair means that the leather has been soaked in a colorless dye and is usually very comfortable to sit on although this type of leather requires more maintenance as it absorbs dirt easily.

If you do have leather dining chairs or you are considering purchasing some for your home then there a few precautionary measures that you should keep in mind. These include remembering that leather stains quite easily, particularly lighter colored chairs such as cream leather chairs. Also, leather can be easily scratched by zips, buttons or even your pets claws so you might want to consider purchasing protective covers for your chairs to keep them looking lovely and new.

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