When to Use Rugs Instead of Carpeting

When to Use Rugs Instead of Carpeting

When do you use rugs instead of carpeting? There isn’t actually a clear cut answer to this question as, in many ways, using rugs or using carpeting is a patter of taste and personal preference.

Rugs or Carpet? The Kitchen

Kitchens are often done in ceramic, laminate, or vinyl flooring. You won’t generally find a kitchen that uses carpet on the floor because carpet is so hard to keep clean. Rugs on top of the tile or vinyl are the best bet in a kitchen.

Rugs or Carpet? The Dining Room

As in the kitchen, the dining room is rarely seen with carpeting. Tile can be extended into the dining room but a home with wood floors will often extend those floors into the dining room. A rug would then be needed that would fit under and around the dining room table. Not only does the rug work as a design element but it also warms the appearance of the room.

Rugs or Carpet? The Living Room

The living room is probably one of the most used rooms in the house. It may also be carpeted or it may have wood or laminate floors, depending on the style and personality of the people living there. No matter what the main flooring is in the living room, an area rug is almost always a plus. An area rug in the living room can be used to add color or pattern to the d?�cor of the room. An area rug can also give family or pets a softer place to lay than just the floor and it will help keep the floor underneath in better shape, especially in high traffic areas.

Rugs or Carpet? The Bedroom

The bedroom is a room where it is much more common to find carpet than in any other room, even if the house is predominately wood or laminate. Many people want to crawl out of bed and place their feet onto a soft, warm surface. If wood floors are in the bedroom, rug runners may be used next to the bed for warmth and cushion.

As you can see, when to use rugs or carpet is entirely a matter of what you, the homeowner, wish to have in his or her home. Choose wall-to-wall carpet or a designer area rug to decorate your home today.