Which Dining Room Table Will Meet Your Needs?

Which Dining Room Table Will Meet Your Needs?

Today’s extendible dining room tables are both practical and attractive. Many consumers purchase the traditional style dining room table without first considering their alternative options. Good quality furniture can be a major investment for your home. Extendible tables offer many advantages for today’s modern lifestyles and should be seriously considered.

The most obvious advantage of modern extendible furniture is that it occupies minimal space when not in use. Dining tables that expand may have removable leaves to create more seating space. Other contemporary expanding tables contain the extra leaves within hollow tabletops, avoiding the need for storing the leaves in between uses. For families in tight quarters, these are especially helpful.

Storing extra leaves may not be a concern for families with large homes, but purchasing extra tables for seating guests can be a financial hardship. One of these tables will serve most entertaining needs and you are able to use it for both small and large groups.

Because extendible tables are often hollow, they can be constructed less expensively than traditional, fixed dining room tables. If you compare prices, you will usually find that extendible tables are less expensive than old fashioned tables. In this economy, being able to save money on furniture is a big benefit.

Extendible tables are sturdy and built to last despite being hollow and made from thin materials. The light-weight materials are chosen to increase the life span of your table. Some popular materials for this type of tables are wood, glass and man-made materials. Out of the types of wood, oak is considered to be the most durable and attractive.

Maintaining a wood table top requires minimal work. For a permanent finish, apply two coats of varnish. If you prefer a more natural alternative, you can apply wax on a regular basis. Either of these will help protect the wood by repelling liquid. Additionally, using cloth place mats or table cloths will help keep the surface clean. Using a heat proof trivet under hot pans will prevent heat scorch marks on the wood.

Glass table tops are especially easy to maintain. They are scratch-resistant and can be easily washed with any mild cleaning solution. Additionally, a transparent glass table will create the illusion of a larger room, which is popular in today’s smaller homes. These tables can also be purchased in a wide variety of colors and textures. Glass table tops can even be found with glitter embedded in the glass or decorative etching.

You can find tables in many different shapes and sizes to fit your personal needs. A small round table that fits in your breakfast nook can be pulled out into the family room, have a few leaves inserted and become a formal dining room. Perhaps you might like a large rectangular buffet table that folds up into a small rectangular side table to hold your mail and keys when not entertaining.

If you take your time and shop carefully, you should be able to pick the perfect table within your budget to reflect your decorative style and meet your needs. The choices are limitless.