Finding a Good Dining Room Set

Finding a Good Dining Room Set

You may find that shopping for a new dining room set can be daunting. Between the different styles available, and the wide price range out there, you could easily wander about overwhelmed and unsure of what to choose. Starting out with a design plan can streamline the process considerably.

The first two factors to consider are space, and style. You’ll want to consider the dimensions of the room, to make sure that you choose furniture that will fit comfortably and be usable. Choosing a table that is so large that you cannot fully pull out the chairs would be unfortunate! Also, your dining room is a separate space but is part of your home, and as such should reflect your overall design scheme. Narrow your choices to styles that will fit the furniture and style of other rooms in the home.

A dining set will include table and chairs, and can also include secondary storage pieces. These secondary pieces, such as hutch, bakers’ rack, or side board, can add considerable storage space. If you have room to include one of these extra pieces, consider how much usable storage space you will gain.

Armoires may also be used in the dining room, as may accent tables or small side tables. Although these are not necessarily produced as dining room furniture, many varieties of armoires and side tables can provide an attractive and useful accent to the room.

Don’t limit yourself to a formal look in the dining area, unless this is what fits with the rest of your d?�cor. Dining sets today come in such a wide variety that any level of sophistication or casual comfort becomes possible. There are sets that give the feel of a casual counter-style dining experience, and are set at counter height, if this is your preference.

For the modern home, you will want to focus on sleek lines and darker colors. Consider very dark, espresso colored wood to make a bold and modern statement. Use chairs with strong architectural lines and a very sculptural and visually striking dining table to make a bold statement in an upscale condominium or modern luxury apartment. You may choose to add further sophistication with leather dining chairs.

Make sure that you can maintain the beauty of your dining set. If your set will see regular use, because you and your family eat in the dining room frequently, choose chairs that are easy to clean. Any upholstery or fabric on chairs should be washable and stain resistant.

Also consider how long people tend to sit at the table in your home. Families who eat quickly and then depart will have different needs than will families who tend to linger with friends after meals. If you and your family and friends tend to spend a good deal of time around the dining table, be sure to make the comfort of chairs a high priority in choosing the right set for you.