Interior Design – Wise Styles

Interior Design – Wise Styles

Creating a great design for your home need not bleed your bank account dry. As long as you know how to innovate, you’ll have a fantastic interior from every angle of your living room right down to your master’s bedroom. You won’t believe what you can pull together out of those less explored furniture pieces which you could very well take advantage of as you add life to your home without killing the rest of your budget. Yes, it’s possible to have designer-looking furniture even if they’re nowhere near that.

If you still have those old furniture grandma always wanted you to keep, she surely didn’t mean keep them in the basement. Get them out and spruce them up while playing on their outdatedness by turning them into a funky retro number! Or if you want to take a subtler and safer direction, have them repainted with the same tone so they end up looking like a whole new set. Whatever comes out of these reinventions, you’ll surely come up with something original which you can always be proud of.

When it comes to your wood furniture, old or new, they will always carry a character of strength whichever part of your home they end up in. Any wood that has its grains intact will make great pieces of furniture which you can recreate and have looking like three-generation heirlooms. Whether that’s cherry wood bedroom furniture or some of those softwoods such as pine or cedar, you will have a way of making them look as though they were such precious ancestral memoirs. A good sanding and refinishing will seal the fate of these mysterious looking woods, whether you’ve once stashed them away in the attic or had them as hand-me-downs from an elder brother.

Incorporating antiques into any home design always works like magic while adding that classic, elegant touch. But it doesn’t mean they always have to be real antiques. You can buy jars, lamps and other accessories from one of those flea markets and countrify them with the right varnish techniques and some random sanding until they look rustic enough. Except for a guest whom you could hardly fool, you can have the rest of the world believing you’ve actually been to Jamaica or Brazil hunting for those magnificent pieces.

These days, technology has brought us to places we could only dream of before. If we’ve come this far with things as complicated as cloning and the space shuttles, decorating our homes with an innocent dose of deception should be a breeze.