Ways To Place New Candles

Ways To Place New Candles


Create a spa atmosphere with your candles.A�

Candles that perfect to use in the bathroom are:


Tea lights


Clear your counter – less clutter helps you to relax.

Place a simple bud vase with a white flower in it.A� Silk flowers are always good for this.A� They allow you to always have that fresh appearance.A� White is generally a good color to use because it is versatile. A�When you want a fresh flower, all you have to do is replace the silk flower.A� Make sure you store it for when your real flower has died.

Place your newly purchased candle next toA� your flower vase.

Next time you are ready to relax in the bath or shower, just light the candle.


Candles are an inexpensive, simple way to help add that special accent to your bedroom.A� Using decorative candle holders will help you visualize how you want to place your candles.

Start by visualizing the area that you want to accent

Use decorative candle holders that compliment your bedroom decor.

Add a touch of interest by using your new candle to illuminate an area you find to be relaxing

Dining Room

The dining room is the special room of the house where family’s gather.A� Great food, and special conversations are at the very heart of it.A� Give your family a special touch by using candles on your dining room table.A� Even small children will wonder in the magic of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches eaten by a flicker of the flame.


Votives are great for the kitchen.A� They are small enough to be placed on your kitchen counters or simply tucked behind your canisters.A� When lit in the evening, they add a magical illumination to that favorite spot on your counters.

Family Room

Place a group of pillar candles on a tray to create a decorative touch to your family room.A� You can also use a plate that you already have that you have not used in a while.A� Add a special touch by placing multiple height pillars, or fresh flowers to the plate.

Home Office

Your home office is the very heart of all important matters.A� Whether you use it for monthly bills or operate a business from it, you should want it to be inviting so it is a room that you truly want to use to take care of business.A� By placing pillar candles scented with aromatherapy fragrances on your book shelf or credenza you are adding a simple visual touch to help the working room more inviting.

Finding ways to place your new candles is only limited by your imagination.A� By placing them strategically, you can create an affordable, simple, new look to any room of your home.