French Dining Tables and Chairs – Your Dining Room’s Best Friends

French Dining Tables and Chairs – Your Dining Room’s Best Friends

When it comes to the dining room we all love to impress. Whether it is for a special occasion or a dinner party, the dining furniture can make or break any event. Choosing the right dining table and chairs is important for a relaxed ambiance and making your interior look stunning! With so many styles on offer it is sometimes difficult to pin point what is the most beneficial for your home. French dining room furniture is growing ever more popular nowadays and really does look exceptional in the right setting. With the correct colour schemes and designs your guests will be amazed at your dining room’s new best friends!

One of the most popular designs in a French dining room is tables and chairs with a painted antique white finish. Fortunately these particular pieces have the ability to be matched easily with other furniture and are great for any home. Typical features include carefully selected distressing marks with finely etched wooden carvings running throughout. Often these are more elaborate tables; being the main centrepiece of the dining room it will ultimately gather the most attention from your guests. In regards to chairs you have the freedom to mix and match with a white antique table. Going for similarly styled chairs will look lovely, however for more of an impact be bold and go for a rattan or waxed oak arrangement.

Taking this into account oak finishes can also grace your dining room beautifully. You can opt for a range of different finishes including natural, waxed and even weathered. All have their own desirable rustic character and look fantastic with similar styled dining chairs.

For those who are interested in dining tables and chairs with a splash of luxury, French styled designs certainly deliver on all levels! Commonplace is dining tables that feature two-tone colour schemes such as black legs and glossed wood table tops. Dining table legs on this scale of luxury are often wonderfully etched into long slender shapes; these can look unstable at first but are in fact very sturdy. Made from high quality materials such as cherry wood, one can instantly notice the difference. Selecting the right set of dining chairs for more specialised dining tables is very important. Take a glance at chairs with gorgeous wooden veneers and lavish upholstery. Velvets and raw silks will really do these tables justice! Equally dining chairs of this calibre can also have wonderful carved detailing, however subtle or defined both will accomplish what your dining table desires!

Whichever dining tables and chairs you decide to buy all will suit beautifully and create that perfect setting for your home. So go on grant your home’s wish with an elegant dining room set today, the perfect dinner party awaits you!