Build a Privacy Fence For Your Yard

Build a Privacy Fence For Your Yard

Before you decide to build a privacy fence for your yard, there are several items you will need. You will need posthole diggers, a hammer, concrete, stakes, string, skill saw, nails or screws, drill, tape measure and a speed square.

Before you start to dig the holes for your fence, you must mark a fence line. This way you know where your fence is going to be. In addition, you will need to measure the area of your fence line with a tape measure. The reason you are going to be doing this is that, this way you can get an exact reading of how much material you will need by measuring square feet.

You are going to want to drive metal stakes ever 6 to 8 feet apart, for this is where your fence posts are going to be. After you have driven all the stakes in the ground were, you are going to have your fence. Take some sting and go around each stake this way you get a straight looking fence. For a privacy fence, you are going to want to buy 8-foot post.

Set all of the fence post about 1/3 or their total length buried in the ground for support use gravel followed by concrete, then use a level to make sure you post is level. Be sure you make sure each post is level, then after you have put up all the post and leveled then. Let the concrete dry for a day, so you know they are secure.

The next morning check the post to see if you can move them, if not then you can continue to build your fence. When arriving at the hardware store look for the longest 2 x 4’s you can find. You are going to get as many (2 x 4’s) as you need in order to start from one end of your fence to the other.

While you are there at the hardware store, you might as well get the fence boards that you will either be nailing or screwing to your fence. You may want to just, grab a bundle of these because you may end up using all of them.

This type of privacy fence is easy to build and anyone can do it, there is however, a little bit of measuring and mathematical skills required. In addition, afterward you will have a beautiful looking fence, while you are still at the hardware store; buy you some stain finish to apply to your fence.