Preparing a Room To Be Painted

Changing up the color of a room can change your mood and add new life to a place that might have been dark. Painting can be a very simple task as long as you have everything prepared to start. Here are a few steps to get ready to paint your walls.

Have All Of Your Supplies

Before you begin to paint, you need to make sure you have everything you need on hand. You will need industrial cotton rags for clean up, blue painters tape to apply to baseboards and other areas you want to prevent getting paint on, brushes and rollers, a paint tray, and drop cloths for the floor and furniture. You will also want to purchase several buckets of paint in the color of your choice. You might want to get paint chips from the hardware store in the shades you are considering and hold them up to the wall you are going to paint. The lighting in the room can affect the shade it will be in the end.

Set Up the Area

The last thing you want is paint on your woodwork and furniture. Take the furniture you can move out of the room. You will then need to move the pieces that are too large away from the wall and drape them with a drop cloth. Layer the floor with drop cloths to protect your furniture. Use the blue painters tape to cover the wood baseboards, door frames, and window sills. Remove any light switch and electrical outlet plates. If you wish to leave the ceiling the color it currently is, press a line of painters tape around the edge between the wall and the ceiling to keep the paint from accidentally getting on there. Be sure to change your clothes also so that you are wearing something you are alright getting paint on.