The Modern and Traditional Furniture Rendezvous

The Modern and Traditional Furniture Rendezvous

Do not be afraid to mix up your old furniture at home and the new ones you have bought. In fact, it will be a unique look for your home if you are to have both modern and traditional furniture all in one place. The old furniture we have at home is priceless because of their sentimental and historical value. Modern furniture helps us keep up with our fast paced daily activities.

We value our antique furniture because they also give our homes a look of elegance. Though they may be old, they still proved to be sturdy and polished just as long as you take good care of them.

Modern and traditional furniture can look good together in your home.

In the living room

People think that only one type of furniture can exist in one room. Balancing your modern and traditional furniture in the living room is a hard thing to do. You cannot simply place them side by side. There has to be a dominant component. Furniture is also appropriate to its use. You may have the main sofa in the modern type while the other seats may be traditional. The center table can be modern while the corner tables are traditional. Antique decorations should be placed on antique shelves. The appliances and entertainment gadgets must be modern furniture.

In the dining room and kitchen

The dining room can be mostly dominated by antique furniture. Most people have old dining tables which are good to keep around because they can accommodate a large number of guests and gives the dining room a grand air. You can also store your prized china and silver ware in your antique cabinets and arrange them as displays. The kitchen needs to be furnished with modern furniture. You have a lot of modern appliances here for cooking so you also need modern furniture to keep up. This will help you prepare food faster in a more efficiently way.

In the bedroom

The bedroom is another place which can be dominated by antique furniture but you can put modern furniture here, too. Retain the antique furniture such as the bed, the cabinet, and dresser. You may have a modern closet to house the clothes and apparel that you use every day. Your storage furniture may also be made of modern materials to aid you better in keeping your room clean and tidy.

In the bathroom

The shower area and tub area need modern furniture of course. It is in the sink area that traditional storage furniture such as cabinets and shelves should be placed. Your tile must match the kind of furniture in a particular area.

Ensure that one type of furniture will stand out in one room. The functionality, the activities, and your needs in a room will dictate which kind will dominate the area. Modern and traditional furniture have different maintenance procedures. Make sure you clean them properly so that they would not wear out quickly. Use them in the proper way. Make sure the colors and designs also look good together.