Tips on Buying a Dining Room Chair

Tips on Buying a Dining Room Chair

There are things you need to consider when buying a dining chair such as comfort, style and design. With the variety of styles and designs offered by the furniture market, it can be quite challenging to look for the appropriate chair in this room.

Nevertheless, choosing a dining room chair is not that complicated as long as you know the essential elements to look for. Arriving at a decision on these elements will make it easy on getting the ideal chair for your needs.

How to choose the size

The size is the first thing that you need to know. It should fit in your dining room and the table. To do this, get the dimension of the room and table to know the size and the number of chairs you will need. Allot a space between the chairs to prevent elbows from knocking each other.

Will it be with arms or armless?

This will depend on your choice although armchairs are expected to be placed on the head of the table while armless chairs are positioned on the sides.

You can change this customary arrangement however, depending on your area and the mode you want to have. Having space that is more visible is the advantage of having armless chairs. On the other hand, providing more comfort for the elderly and those with health issues concerning their knees are the advantage of armchairs.

How to choose a style

Either you buy a whole set or buy the table and chairs individually. Whatever you choose, you must decide on the style that you want. Will it be casual or formal?

Some chairs have a solid back while others have an open back. They can be made of wood, metal, acrylic or upholstered. Check on all its sides – the back, seats, legs and arms (if you go for chairs with arms) and decide which will complement well with your dining room and table.

Deciding on the comfort-ability

Sit on the chair and lean your back on it. Does the seat support your bottom well? Is the height just enough for the table? Feel the cushions if you are getting an upholstered chair. Do you feel the frame or are there any bulges?

Choosing the material

The material used will determine not only its look and the way it feels but its durability as well.

Wood is the frequent material used. It is multipurpose and offers a variety of styles and finishes.

Giving you more choices for color and patterns are the upholstered ones.

Those made in acrylic fits a small dining room or a contemporary theme.

Metal offers a pensive appeal. You can go for those that are opaque or the hefty ones such as wrought iron. To have disparity, you can mix a rattled surface wooden table with your metal chairs.

Providing you style and texture are those made of wicker or rattan.

You can also have a mixture of these materials for your chairs.

Check for quality

Give attention to its quality – the manner it was built.

When you sit on it, try to rock it a little. The legs, arms and back must not sway.

The seat must be a whole piece not pieces of fastened materials.

Feel its surface for any rips or chips. It must be soft and smooth.

Lastly, check if it can support an adult’s weight. If you have a member of the family on the big size, you need to make sure that the chair will not be ripped when seated.