Tips to Brighten Up Your Dining Room

Tips to Brighten Up Your Dining Room

A lively atmosphere in the dining room can make eating more pleasurable. Although this room looks fine, it can be boring if it looks that way for years. I do agree that the food is more important; nevertheless, dining will be more enjoyable if the mood will be altered at times.

1. The dining room table is the central figure in a dining room. Give your old dining table a new appearance by repainting it. You can also have it varnished. Likewise, a new set of tablecloth will be most welcome. Try the modern ones that feature geometrical patterns. Explore with the colors, too. Try lighter and pastel hues.

You can also buy a new dining table and sell the old one. Modern dining room furniture offers varied styles and designs of tables. There are still the circular, square and rectangular shapes. But what is most interesting is the way they were made. Some tables are extendable. This is really fantastic, as you do not have to worry where to get another table if you have guests. Even when you host parties, these extendable types of tables will provide you more space for the food and dining ware.

A few were built with just a single base. Others are with glass tops. Choose what you think will work for you.

2. As for the dining chairs, these always go with the table, of course. If you will buy a new dining table, I suggest you buy the whole dining set. This will relieve you on the issue of blending furniture.

Contemporary dining chairs are now built with armrests, which are good for a small or medium-sized family. However, they are not suggested if you will have guests joining you for dinner. Most modern dining chairs are upholstered using leather or fabric. Some have stylish stainless steel base. You can also find chairs with a revolutionary design. They have an L-shaped stainless steel frame and upholstered in leather.

3. Show off your china, silver and glassware in a buffet or display cabinet. Choose one that has glass doors so your collection of dining ware displayed. A rectangular buffet is ideal because it can serve two purposes – as buffet table or as shelving furniture. Make its top interesting by displaying your pictures or have a vase and flower with scented candles.

4. Have a small bar. You do not need to invest into an expensive bar. Bar on coasters are perfect and trendy. They can easily be put on the side and be moved anywhere in the home.

5. Change the dining room lights. You can go for vintage lights if the theme is traditional or go modern with task or pendant lights. Chandeliers have adapted a new contemporary look these days.

6. Put some plants. Choose those that are easy to maintain especially if you are a busy bee.

7. Use blinds instead of curtains. Blend the color with the theme and the furniture.

8. Change your wall decors to a more interesting one.

9. Have some decorative boxes or baskets that can also serve as storage.

10. Most of all, give the dining room walls a new color. If the floor needs to be changed, then do so.

Brightening up your dining room will bring style and grace back to your already dry-appealing room. Start now and see your family appreciate your work.