Western Accents Add Fun to Any Space

Western Accents Add Fun to Any Space

Contrary to popular belief, one does not have to fill a room with horses and cowboys to create a western-inspired space. There are dozens of other ideas that can add the fun and excitement of the Wild West without overwhelming the room in this decorating style. Western accents and fun to any space, whether they are paired with other Western accents or used as standalone centerpieces for one or more rooms. The following are just a few examples that can be added to almost any space:

Playing Cards

A well-worn hand of playing cards can be a really fun addition, such as a wall hanging featuring a winning or losing hand of poker. Card games were extremely popular pastimes in the old days, especially games that could be bet upon to win some extra pocket money. They are perfect final touches when other Western accents are already in the room, such as pairing them with a print of cowboy boots or a photo of an old saloon.

Framed Prints or Landscapes

The Wild West was an open, spacious environment full of hidden dangers and surprises around every turn, such as famous lawmen, armed outlaws, marauding Native Americans, or hard-working cattle ranchers and their families. Framed prints or landscapes that feature these characters are a great way to add a touch of the Old West to a room in a classy way, especially if the print is of an ancestor or famous hero. Popular ideas include sheriffs like Pat Garret, outlaws such as Jesse James, Indian heroes such as Geronimo, or landscapes of wide open prairies or farms.

Rustic Furniture or Accents

Most of us do not want to fill a room with rustic furniture, but one or two pieces that coordinate with Western accessories really sets the mood in the room. For instance, pair a rustic footstool with a potted cactus in the living room and finish the look with a hand-woven throw rug. Another idea would be to pair a vibrant red tablecloth with wrought iron table legs and a rustic wood tabletop in the dining room. Finish the look with the same rug, bright-colored dishes, and a living centerpiece on the table. It is not difficult to find these pieces online or through antique stores, but yard sales and secondhand stores are frequent treasure troves for rustic decor items.

Horses and Their Gear

Saddles, blankets, spurs, reins, and horses are vital parts of the Wild West, and they make unique Western accents to a home. The real thing can cost a lot, but imitations and prints or photos are fairly inexpensive and look great in any room. For example, a fun framed print of an old saddle on a wooden fence with the prairie in the background. Another example could be a saddled and brushed horse with an Indian blanket under the saddle and cowboy hat hanging on a fencepost nearby. There is a lot of room to add to this type of Western accent too, depending on your own creativity and sense of style.