4 Types for Masonry Materials

The construction of buildings and infrastructure involves a specific layout of individual materials held together to make efficient use possible. Masons use different tools to lay out stones in mortar according to a certain pattern. They cut materials to a smaller size and scrape excess mortar to create a durable, long-lasting structure. There are four materials masons use to add value to residential and commercial properties.


The dark mixture of petroleum is commonly used to build roads and highways. Residential driveways are also made of asphalt, which is installed by a crew of pavers Long Island NY. Asphalt provides a smooth surface easy on rubber tires and is resistant to extreme weather. The construction process is efficient and some road sections are completed within a day.


Bricks were traditionally made out of clay. They were burned in a furnace to harden the material, giving brick it’s durability and pink color. Brickwork remains common today, with concrete and lime brick emerging as popular alternatives to fire brick. Individual blocks are aligned together with mortar, creating a section masons use to create pavement and buildings.


Slate is a gray metamorphic rock initially derived from shale rock. Several European homes have slate roofing, which requires little maintenance and can absorb water. Slate flooring tiles are commonly used in living room spaces and come in different textures, providing either a refined or rugged feel. They also come in a variety of colors, from green to blue-gray.


Several warehouses have concrete flooring, providing a smooth surface that makes it easier for storage workers to lift and transfer equipment. Concrete is inexpensive and resistant to most types of damage and requires little repair. The low maintenance concrete requires helps reduce costs for department stores and other enterprises that rely on warehouses to store their inventory.

Masonry materials should be durable to make efficient transportation of goods more possible. Several homeowners also value the aesthetic appeal of unique brickwork. There are several masonry materials bricklayers and other tradesmen use to create familiar structures.