Decorating With White

Decorating With White

White is considered a universal color and it will go well with most, if not all, other furniture that you have in your homes. Furniture may be made from steel, wood, or plastic and having them painted in white can really change the way your furniture looks or when they are combined with other colored d?�cor.

In your bedroom, for example, having white walls, white bed linens, white tables and chests gives the room a clean and immaculate look and feel to it. Throw in some color in your curtains, door and wall accessories and you break the monotony of white. Try adding some splashes of red or orange for a more vibrant look. Just be subtle with the accent pieces and remember to place them on key areas only such as long walls and side tables. To get into that cozy mood, add twin lamps on each side of the bed for a warm and comfortable ambiance.

The living room is another great place to decorate in white. With soft, white sofa sheets, guests will always feel at home and relaxed in your receiving area. Just do not use white carpets or rugs since it would be harder to clean them. However, this is not true for the sofa sheets. Having white sheets makes it easier to spot dirt and thus, it would be simpler to clean with bleach. Mix and match with patterned or colored throw pillows for a cool and calming ambiance. To get a touch of nature in your white living room, you may soften the room’s look by placing colourful flowers in tall vases and some greenery with large leaves. Don’t leave the walls bare – hang some paintings that add contrast to your white sofas. Since people are more visual, the eyes will naturally gravitate to your art d?�cor. Ensure that you have a tastefully crafted painting to entertain your guests with.

A white dining room is also an inviting retreat for your guests. You may choose a round, glass top table with a white base to complement the look of your living room. A white console table can be your main accent piece that will evoke that elegant feel in the room. To make the area brighter, choose a chandelier with white bulbs that will reflect nicely in your huge wall mirror. If you opt for ivory colored curtains in your dining room, you may want to add gold lining or detailing on your furniture or mirror frame for a more harmonized look.

There are still areas in your home that will look good in white such as your bathrooms and kitchen. Decorating in white will ascertain that all house d?�cor and furniture go together for a balanced and relaxing ambiance.