Feng Shui and Children: How Feng Shui Can Help Your Children Succeed

Feng Shui and Children: How Feng Shui Can Help Your Children Succeed

Today’s world is extremely competitive, therefore it’s very important for parents to support children in their studies and to help them succeed in every way they can. A Feng Shui practitioner can use a compass to construct a special chart in order to discover where children are most supported in their studies.

Seems unlikely? My own daughter is very dyslexic, yet achieved top marks in her national exams. She worked very hard, obviously, but had no extra tuition at home or at school. Instead, she did her homework and exam studying in a particular part of the house where the “Flying Star” chart indicated there was an area especially advantageous for study.

What is a “Flying Star” chart?

When a Feng Shui practitioner takes a compass reading of your home, she uses that reading, together with some other information to plot tendencies and change over time. Just as an Architect’s blueprint is a design for living, so too is a “Flying Star” chart. When an Architect constructs a plan, she will indicate which rooms serve what purpose – kitchen, bathroom, dining room, bedrooms etc – and design the building around those purposes: the kitchen close to the dining room, for example, so that food remains hot when transferred between cooking and eating facilities.

However, it may be that when the family moves in, the rooms are used for different purposes over time. It may be that a dining room is converted to a downstairs bedroom for an elderly relative, for example.

A “Flying Star” chart is similar in that it is a blueprint indicating the most positive uses for spaces within a building. The building could be an office, shop or any other kind of structure. However, when helping your children to succeed with Feng Shui, the indicators we look for are, as mentioned above, areas that support study, good sleeping directions, spots that may enhance positive friendships (for networking) and good health. On the flip side, we also look for areas that may not be so supportive in order to reduce negative tendencies.

Just as an architect constructs plans in order to enhance lifestyle and reduce impediments to free flow, so Feng Shui practitioners help parents plan for their children’s success by constructing a Flying Star chart of their home. “Cures” for irritations can be as elaborate as a well placed fish tank or a chiming clock, or as simple as suggesting a child studies in one particular place rather than another.