How to Choose Round Dining Room Tables

How to Choose Round Dining Room Tables

Remember the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the round table? Simply by looking at those myths we can see that round dining rooms tables have enjoyed a long history as a method of bringing people together.

Myth has it that Camelot’s round table used by King Arthur was created to ensure that was no head or end of the table, so that no one could claim to be favourite based on their position at the table.

So what are the advantages of round tables in this day and age. Are they of as much use now as they were to the likes of Sir Lancelot?

Style. Rectangular and oval tables are the most common of types of table at the moment – and people have come to expect them. Round tables have a style that is at least equal of those types of table whilst giving something different, something striking, something that your guests will remember and be impressed by.

Conversation. It is important to remember the obvious here – round dining room tables are, at heart, still dining room tables, a place for us to eat at. Since it is common to eat in groups, whether family meals or a dinner party conversation can play a big part in our enjoyment of the meal.

Space. With more traditional rectangular tables space is wasted thanks to the corners, there are areas that people are unable to sit at.

Centrepiece. Because round dining room tables are, rather obviously, curved they work best in the centre of the room. They curve away from all the angles that rooms traditionally have allowing more space to walk past them – great for serving meals, replenishing wine glasses and the like!